Using social technologies for social impact


Thanks for your interest!  We’re happy to get you involved in this social experiment!

Here are some links to get you into our process around the web.

Share links, videos, pictures and more:  We are using the Scrapbook feature on School of Everything to collect material from the internet and capture annotations.  See what’s there now and add to it!

Capture videos and pictures: We will be taking video and photos when talking with projects about what they are doing and hope you will do the same.  We’ll post the link here soon with where you can put your media.  Tag your videos or photos with “socialbysocial” and we’ll be sure to get it!  Or, post it to the scrapbook above!

Share your story with us: We’d love to hear how your organization or project has tried/used social technologies (whether they were successful or not).  You can leave a message here to contact us, blog about your story (if you have a blog) and post it to the scrapbook, or even shoot a video of your story!

If you have other ideas about ways you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear them!  Feel free to leave a comment here to contact us and we’ll keep the conversation going.

Thanks for join us!


One comment on “Contribute

  1. nigelcourtney
    14 November 2008

    Nigel is joining in

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