Using social technologies for social impact


View links, videos, and commentary from past events, and check out up-coming opportunities to participate!

Up-Coming Events

Reboot Britain

  • Date: 6 July, 2009
  • Location: UK
  • Event Description:

Past Events

London Net Tuesday

  • Date: 2 June, 2009
  • Event Description:  The Social by Social game is a fun session to help people explore how social technology can be used for social benefit: whether that’s by a nonprofit, a social innovation startup, within a neighbourhood, or across a community. We’ll invent some of those places, then challenge each other in groups to develop plans using a pack of specially-developed cards and other props. It will be a mix of collaboration and competition that should give you lots of practical ideas that you can use in your own projects.
  • Links:

SHINE09 Unconference

  • Date: 16 May, 2009
  • Event Description: Do you want to know how to use technology better to engage your community? Specially convened for SHINE, is the Social Collaboration Game to help you with tools and methods to do this. The game’s been designed by three of the world’s leading social collaboration practitioners who are fresh from consultancies with NESTA. Get access to a hands-on kit for making online tools work for people, driving community projects forward using technology, or getting collaborations to succeed. This 2 hour session is built around the community problems that you as SHINE participants think are most pressing, but in the format of a game. So if you want to be in, email and let us know the three key issues you think are facing UK communities.
  • Links: Here’s how a version of the game ran at SHINE09.

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