Using social technologies for social impact


Welcome to Social by Social!  You are part of the project just by stopping by!

About the Social by Social Project

Social by Social is a project in eating our own dog food, and sharing that dog food, too!  What does that mean?

What we are doing:

Mapping the terrain in the use of communication technologies for social change and collecting inspirational case studies of innovative good practices.

Between 12 November 2008 and 19 January 2009, we are collecting, learning, sharing, tagging, discussing and aggregating stories (successful or not) of social change projects leveraging social technologies.  We will use this space for sharing thoughts, ideas and learning; posting stories and videos; asking for help, opinions and insight; and otherwise connecting with you!

All of our work is taking place using social media tools.  So, not only are we scouring for case studies and lessons learned to help you out, we are a case study ourselves!

Check out how you can get involved!

Meet the Social by Social Team

Who we are:

  • Amy Sample Ward: nonprofit technology consultant & blogger; NetSquared’s Community Builder
  • Andy Gibson: business and technology consultant specialising in human interaction and collaboration
  • Clive Holtham: Bull Information Systems Professor of Information Management; Director, Cass Learning Laboratory
  • David Wilcox: social reporter, partnership and collaboration consultant, local regeneration consultant
  • Nigel Courtney: management consultant and researcher

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