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Video Book Review of Social by Social by Grizzard Communications

Earlier this year I presented at the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference and knew I’d have the chance to see many friends and colleagues again, and meet new ones! I also had just three hard copies of Social by Social left and thought I’d create a giveaway for Social by Social. One of the winners was Eric Pratum of Grizzard Communications. I wish I’d had more time to chat with Eric, but that was how I felt of everyone! (Speaking in a session every day meant there wasn’t much down town.)

In Grizzard’s new review series, Eric shares a video book review of the book! Take a look, watch the video here.

I’m so thrilled about his review and honored by the positive response! As far as the downsides he notes:

  • Beginner focused: It’s true; we were commissioned to create a handbook for organizations, communities and individuals just getting started with tools the wanted to keep the book as hands on for those at the beginning of the process as possible.
  • The size: Yes! I, too, was incredibly surprised about how big it was! The design concept was to mimic the orientation of a web page within the book, so you could have comments, information boxes and so on in the side bar with the main column acting as the main content on the page, just like a web site. I think that could have been treated to a slightly narrower product though.
  • The companion: As much as we wanted to give people straightforward and simple information, we also wanted to be sure they had options. The companion is also intended so that if someone comes across a tool that they are unfamiliar with, like vimeo for example, they can easily understand how it may work by seeing it listed as an alternative to youtube.  Too much information – noted! We hope it’s still useful!

Thanks to Grizzard and Eric for sharing the review of the book.  Check them out at:

And if you haven’t read the book yet, you can read it online (or buy-on-demand) at:


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One comment on “Video Book Review of Social by Social by Grizzard Communications

  1. Eric Pratum
    13 June 2010

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I really liked the book, and I like that each page shows people where they can find the information online. I’m sure some people thought I was a little weird pulling out a book that big to read on the train during my commute, but hey, I figure the size and shape of the book has almost no bearing on the fact that it was well-written, interesting, and should be useful for many people. I know that I will be going back to several sections later on to see how I can make use of the case studies and whatnot. The companion was really in-depth, but I don’t think you can be faulted for that. I often err on the side of too much information as opposed to just ‘the right amount,’ which I know can overwhelm some people some times. I could see a beginner getting analysis paralysis, trying to understand which video service to use for example, but at least if the info is there, they have a chance to be informed, so that was nice.

    Thanks again for the book and for posting this.

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