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Saving Slaghampton at Reboot Britain

As Amy reports here, we launched the Social by Social handbook at Reboot Britain on Monday … and then brought the content to life with a run of the Social by Social Game.


Before we started games designer Drew Mackie – aided by handbook co-author Professor Clive Holtham – prepared a challenging scenario: the town of Slaghamptom, suffering from rising unemployment, declining industry, public services under pressure,  some social frictions, and a football team recently relegated. What could social technology offer?

Here Drew explains how enthusiastic players formed project teams (we gave them flags to gather round), developed proposals, and then used sets of cards for engagement, technology tools and funding to create a plan. There’s a more detailed explanation of the game here.

Our teams were incredibly creative and produced three projects:

The Carbon Neutral Project

The Community Cohesion Project

The Tourism Project

Afterwards I asked Jag Gill how useful he had found it. Jag works with local voluntary and charity groups in Sheffield, including through the BashMash collaboration days to promote grassroots digital engagement.

You can see the content of the handbook here. We aim to create a wiki version, and make links between the game and handbook content. That way you will be able to play the game for real – in a local community or organisation – develop and plan, and look to the handbook for advice on how to follow through.

During the game I asked Andy Gibson, our co-author, for a quick explanation of what the book is all about. Here’s Andy’s 30 second pitch.


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