Using social technologies for social impact

Launching at Reboot Britain

Tomorrow we’ll be at Reboot Britain playing the Social by Social Game and launching our handbook. You’ll be able to see all the text, download it, and order print copies here**. We’re excited by  publication – not least because it is all Creative Commons licensed so you can remix and re-use.

The handbook is funded by NESTA, and we hope that it will contribute to their aim of helping a wider range of people understand the potential of using social technology for social benefit. In the video above, shot at last week’s Tuttle Club in St James’s Park, Roland Harwood of NESTA Connect explains what he is hoping for.

While at Tuttle I was also able to talk to Toby Moores, Joanna Jacobs and Steve Lawson about the way they are planning to help everyone at Reboot be a social reporter using Twitter, blogging and any other means to create a cloud of online conversations to complement the live streaming that will be provided by Richard Jolly. There should be more soon on that linked from the official site – but meanwhile keep up with everything Reboot through the Twitter tag #rebootbritain. Toby and friends are using techniques developed through Amplified09, so you can be sure there will be plenty going on, with some good analysis afterwards. The creative force behind the event is Steve Moore, who curated 2gether08 and morphed the 2gether09 plans into Reboot. The event is produced by our friends Jess Tyrell, Lizzie Ostrom and the team at  Germination.

** Handbook site will be live from about 1.30pm Monday July 6

Longer version of this post on Socialreporter.



One comment on “Launching at Reboot Britain

  1. Ellie Stoneley
    6 July 2009

    congratulations – a much needed product …

    well done – great as well not just to have it online

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